The sun, for everyone.

Why go solar?

Solar saves you money

Solar payments are usually much lower than utility delivery rates and are locked in, that means you start lower than what you are already paying and are no longer subject to constant rate hikes.

Solar adds value to your home

A recent study cited by the US department of energy found that homes with an average-sized solar array are sold more quickly and for a premium of about $15,000 higher than grid dependent homes.

Solar helps the environment

Every single home that goes solar is helping to keep approximately 3- 7 metric tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere every year. This is even after the carbon footprint of producing the panels is taken into account.

Solar is exponentially more efficient than the grid

Since the energy is being harnessed by your house and not piped in from hundreds of miles away, you are helping solve the problem of an increasingly decaying grid infrastructure.

Never worry about black outs again!

Solar plus battery storage means that when the grid goes down your home will have light, refrigeration, and outlets for phones, computers, and TV.

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How it works

We get to know your project

First we need a little information, the address of the home you'd like to power, your name, phone, and e-mail. And don't worry, we do NOT sell information. You will only be contacted and receive information about your solar inquiry.

We design your system

If a home installation is right for you we will analyze your past electricity usage and custom design a system for your home. We will guide you through the installation process step by step.

We provide alternatives

If for whatever reason you cannot install residential solar and are instead in need of an off-grid solution we will ask what you would like to power and we will look at areas that you may have that have the best sunlight and offer you products that would best suit your needs.

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Our Services

  • Locally based independent solar consultants
  • Project coordination and management
  • Grid connected and off-grid solutions
  • Research and evaluation of solar and energy storage products
  • Innovative problem solving approach to every inquiry
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What makes SunFlash Solar different?

At SunFlash Solar we never say: "I'm sorry but, you don't qualify"

Our independent consultants are not exclusive to any specific solar supplier or working to "hit a quota". We take your project and own it – from start to finish. We have experience in both grid-tied and off-grid products. We know rooftop solar and ground mount systems as well as certain products that require neither.

At SunFlash Solar, our consultants work to ensure that all the information you receive is objective and complete so you can make an educated and informed selection that will best meet your needs – no matter what kind of home you live in.

At SunFlash Solar, it's in our name. We will go the extra mile to innovate, research, and deliver the best renewable energy solution for you quickly, safely, and effectively.

Solar Energy... in a Flash!

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